Physiotherapy For Sports Injuries in Sydenham

Types of Sports Injuries

sports injurySports injuries are typically classified as either traumatic injuries or overuse injuries, with traumatic injuries being the most common injuries in contact sports (for example, football and rugby league).

Traumatic injuries can range from minor bruises and muscle strains, to fractures and head injuries.  Bruises (or contusions) are bleeding within the tissue caused by damage to small blood vessels.  Muscle strains are small tears of the muscle fibres, and ligament strains are small tears of the ligament tissue.  Following this type of injury, the body’s response in the initial five days is inflammation.

Acute injuries (such as sprained ankles) occur when a force is applied to a body part which the area cannot structurally withstand.  Chronic injuries occur when the same muscle groups or joints are over-used, or as a result of poor technique or structural abnormalities.

The most common sporting injuries include sprains and strains, knee joint injuries, bruises/contusions, cuts and abrasions, concussion, dental damage, nose injuries, stress fractures, Achilles tendon injuries, dehydration, dislocations, and fractures.

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